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General Information

About Volcano Guitar Works

We are a small company that has been supplying major manufactures as well as individual luthiers with Hawaiian Koa since 1983.  Through the years we have accumulated a lot of Koa as well as other woods like Cuban Mahogany and Spanish Cedar.  We are now in the process of selling off this inventory of sets.

About our sets

  • All of our Koa is from salvage operations

  • All sets are sanded to 80 grit

  • Top/back sets are book matched (i.e., four consecutive slices)

  • Back, top, and sides all come from the same tree so that color and curl matches

  • Dimensions for all sets are provided in inches


All prices include USPS Priority shipping (continental US only).  Shipping outside of the continental US will be determined independently for each order.  If you are located outside of the continental US please contact us regarding your order.

International Orders

The variability of shipping options and rates for orders shipped to addresses outside the United States prevent us from accepting these orders through our website.  Please contact us for more information.  Please note that we cannot ship Spanish Cedar or Cuban Mahogany outside of the United States.


If, for any reason, you are not satisfied with your order, please contact us and we will provide you with a different item in exchange or provide you with a refund. Please note that all returned sets must be in their original condition (no sanding, trimming, etc).  All return requests must be received within five days of receipt of your order.

Payment Options

We have several different payment options available.  Orders placed through our web store are processed through PayPal which accepts most major credit cards.  Please contact us if you would prefer an alternate payment method.

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